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Omani students participating in cultural Fair hosted by Nebraska Omaha university in Mar 2019


Country fair UNO _ March 2019.jpg

1- Photos & Videos Album, 2015 Visits

1. California State Visit 2015_Album

California State University North Ridge 2015



California State University North Ridge 2015_Video

California State University Long Beach 2015

California State University Fresno 2015

San Diego State University 2015

West Virgina University 2015

West Virgina University 2015_Videos

2. West Virginia Visit 2015 Album

3. Cleveland State University 2015 Album

Cleveland State University 2015_ Videos

4. Nebraska 2015 Album

University of Nebraska Lincoln 2015

University of Nebraska  Lincoln 2015_ Videos

University of Nebraska Omaha 2015_Videos

University of Nebraska Omaha 2015

5. Baton Rouge Community Visit 2015_Album

Baton Rouge Community visit 2015_Videos

6. Colorado State 2015_Album

1- Colorado State University visit 2015

Colorado State University visit 2015_Videos

2- University of Colorado Boulder visit 2015

7. Florida Institue of Technology 2015_Album

Florida Institue of Technology visit 2015_Videos

8. Gallaudet University 2015_Album

Gallaudet University visit 2015_Videos

9. Louisiana State University visit 2015_Album

Louisiana University visit 2015_Videos

10. Missouri State visit 2015_Album

University of Missouri 2015

University of Missouri Kansas City 2015

11. North Carolina State University Visit 2015_Album

North Carolina State University Visit 2015_Videos

12. Ohio University visit 2015_Album

Ohio University visit 2015_Video

13. Oregon State University Visit 2015_Album

Oregon State University visit 2015_Videos

14. University of Alabama Birmingham Visit 2015_Album

University of Alabama Birmingham visit 2015_Videos

15. Oakland University Visit 2015_Album

16. Kent State University visit 2015_Album

17.University of Cincinnati 2015_Album

18.University of Dayton 2015_Album

19.University of Pennsylvania visit 2015_Album

20. Pennsylvania State University visit 2015_Album

21. Washington & Jefferson College visit 2015_Album

22. University of North Carolina Greensboro visit 2015_Album

23. University of Idaho visit 2015_Album

24. University of Kentucky visit 2015_Album

25. Washington State University visit 2015_Album

26. University of Colorado Boulder visit 2015_Album

27. Portland State University visit 2015_Album

28. University of Lousiana Lfayette visit 2015_Album

29. University of Minnesota visit 2015_Album

30. University of South Frorida visit 2015_Album

31.Wayne State University visit 2015_Album

32. Western Michigan University visit 2015_Album

32. University of Oklahoma visit 2015_Album

32. University of Tulsa visit 2015_Album

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